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For travelers' convenience, ticket plazas, information booths and windows, waiting areas, ATMs, restrooms, restaurants, and other consumer services are located throughout the building. Need help with your baggage?

Red Caps are available 24 hours a day to assist. Call or dial "55" from any house phone located throughout the Terminal. Stay connected and charged.

Wi-Fi customer service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Call toll free A quick Google search will bring thousands of options to your fingertips, but really there are only a few to sift though. Luckily, we have done that for you! SpotHero provides New York parking at discounted rates.

Another plus to using SpotHero is that most of their locations do not require printing.

Guide to New York Cruise Parking (Cape Liberty, Manhattan, Brooklyn)

You can book online, and show the parking garage the reservation on your phone. If you decide not to drive your car, and take public transportation instead, there are multiple trains and buses you can take to reach Madison Square Garden. Which train lines serve Penn Station? Individuals with disabilities can park on the street around MSG with a valid New York City Special Parking permit Follow the instructions on the back of your permit to verify which streets you can park on.

New York City: NYC Parking Guide

The city will ticket and tow cars not displaying a valid NYC Department of Transportation disabled permit. Double parking and leaving it there will definitely garner a parking ticket. There are several possible solutions: circle the neighborhood until the street sweeper is gone, park in a parking garage for the hour and a half, or park on an avenue and pay the meter. Street parking meter rates in single spaces vary by street location throughout New York City.

Street parking rates are posted on each parking meter, while the legal amount of time someone can park for is posted in the top left hand corner of the green meter signs. There are approximately 47, single-space meters throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The meter rate was recently increased to 25 cents for 20 minutes of parking, and 75 cents for one hour.

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There are 8, single street parking spaces in New York City that are set with higher rates than this. Street parking durations in NYC typically last one to six hours, and sometimes even 12 hours depending on the location.

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If a meter is broken, park for the maximum period of time that is posted on the nearest sign. Following the rules and parking legally will save you from an expensive parking ticket or from having your car towed. As with finding the lowest prices for a parking garage, it is also a good idea to find the best places to park in the quieter, more residential neighborhoods of New York City.