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If so, who? I suggested to my local post office that they should give me a discount as a regular customer or sell me stamps in bulk and got a very frosty reply. The illogicality of the situation is far worse when you see that the 1p cost also applies to their sales overseas. Quite a lot of railway books can be posted as a large letter, if you are prepared as most of the mega sellers are to use only a plastic mailing bag. These are only just for example figures and course completely ignore overheads. For sellers who are not VAT registered there is another 18p of costs.

Why people are buying and selling 1p rubbish on eBay the reason will shock you

Big sellers may be able to post books more cheaply than my indicative 95p. Price 0. But there are quite big discounts for volume which I never get anywhere near. Greener and others are going to have lots more options.

Unless they have made a mistake, the 1p sellers are very large operations who source their books for very little outlay, eg as surplus or unsold stock from charity shops, public libraries or other institutions. They rely on quick turnover and high sales volumes, which mean they can get very significant discounts on postage charges. They use software to set their prices, and competition among such sellers will mean that prices fall to 1p, unless demand outstrips supply.

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Even on those 1p sales, they will be making a small margin. They will also get some sales at higher prices. It is impossible for small scale sellers to compete on price with these megasellers, and financial suicide to try.


People selling things for 1p on eBay

Instead, you can set your prices higher - high enough to yield the margin you want - and rely on offering a personalised high quality service to buyers. For example, accurate and individual condition notes on each book, adequate packaging instead of the single-skin plastic mailing bag many megasellers use and quality after sales service. Many buyers, including me, have had their fingers burned with orders from megasellers turning out to be in awful condition. Choosy buyers will usually avoid them and will instead order from a smaller seller with a good feedback record.

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Forget it. EBay have sophisticated systems to make sure your don't just bypass restrictions they have put in place Having said that, eBay can be super dumb.

How to Buy Stuff on Ebay for Beginners

You might do nothing wrong and they will shut you Down. Try selling an expensive item with a brand new id If you don't believe Hope that helps Message to everyone else who has been having a go at the questioner Come on Give him a break.