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I studied for the CPT by reading the book twice and marking and post-it noting a good deal. I bought the 3 practice exams and reviewed them all, times, until I knew why the correct answers were correct. I finished by reviewing my notes in the book one more time and ordering the exam review package offered by this site.

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How much harder is the CSCS going to be? From what I have read, it sounds like quite the deal. Click here to post comments.

Is the NSCA certification the right program for someone who seems to know all the right things about fitness programs, particularly strength training, but has difficulty with the science classes in college that are required to get a college degree in exercise science? I have a 4 yr degree in exercise and sports science and currently working as a physical therapist.

My questions are: 1 Do you think 3 months would be enough time to be successful in understanding the content and successfully passing the exam? If not, are there any other certification I should consider starting with and later transitioning into NSCA? Does anyone have any materials they would like to sale or even donate? Rating You need both by: Anonymous If you want to do personal training, you do need a personal training certification.

Many gyms will not hire someone with the CSCS as a personal trainer, unless you can sell yourself as one for recreational athletes, etc. If you want to work with primarily athletes, then the CSCS is best. I think the CPT is more versatile. I work with special populations, including recreational athletes--not professional ones. Knowing the physiology and kinesiology makes me a much better personal trainer.

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I had to tell a client the other day, who is learning to jog, that she first must reach the two minute mark just make the exercise aerobic, to activate the aerobic pathway and to get out of the oxygen deficit. I can explain why that's the case. Rating Good Question by: Obasi I was wondering the same thing.

Rating Call one and ask by: Kathryn I suggest rather than wondering, call all the health and fitness facilities in your area and ask them what they require. Also call a fitness gym at a hospital and ask what they require also. Look at what certs the professionals have the write the textbooks. More than likely most will have their CSCS. Rating Why have a degree? Here is why.

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Simply put, the information gleaned from a college degree FAR surpasses that which you will be tested on by even the most rigorous certifications. The information I refer to includes college courses in the fields of biomechanics, exercise physiology, anatomy, tests and measurements - not to mention the courses that are the foundations for the above, such as general physiology, physics, statistics, etc.

Let me put it this way. As a Director in charge of a staff, and aware of legal and liability issues, I would in theory hire a trainer with a degree and no certification over one with a certification and no degree. Now, this is never an issue, since I require both before I even consider a candidate. I've seen a great many trainers throw up their hands and say, "We didn't cover anything like this in certification prep", when a basic knowledge of biomechanics or ex.

Rating I disagree by: Anonymous you are right in theory, go hire someone with a degree but no cert, its like asking someone the time and then they tell you how to make a clock. The best way to screen potential employees is with practical case studies with timed, observed prep time for their program. I ask potential employees what happens when someone asks them a question they dont know the answer to and then keep asking questions until it happens.

Rating back on track by: Anonymous the original question was if you are going to get certified with a cscs do you need a fitness related degree before taking certification or not. Off topic: I know a guy who is a director of a facility and a staff member who is certified and the guy has more fitness knowledge then anyone in the facility.

Both of them are smart but the certified guy is smarter, so, you make the call. Rating Please by: Anonymous Will someone answer the question?

NY is the is a stringent state when it comes to licensing and certs Rating CPT first Having a bachelors degree in something unrelated to exercise will not qualify you for the CSCS. The NSCA requires you to have your college or university send sealed transcripts of all of your course work. They review it and if it does not have the anatomy and physilogy, exercise physilogy, kinesiology and other related courses in it you will not qualify.

They will be changing that in though so if you want to take it I suggest you do it soon. I have found it to be of benefit in what I do primarily, which is to coach young adults in a club sport environment. This past year I started knocking on doors to see if I could get a job as a personal trainer. I know how difficult and comprehensive the exam was and seriously doubt whether there are many other programs as demanding to accomplish. Nevertheless the CSCS is primarily aimed at trainers who work with athletes or athletic teams.

I got the impression that many gym managers with whom I spoke did not understand the meaning of that certification when they were looking for personal trainers or group fitness instructors. It seemed they were looking for someone with, say, an ACE certification. I now have a PT job at a respected club on the basis of my CSCS, but the initial forays into the club world was not only disappointing but frustrating because I would stake my cert against any other, but the club managers just did not seem to get it.

Rating PT acronym? I would also like to create a study guide on that giant textbook I love "Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning". In my experience, universities and sports teams clearly understand the CSCS designation. Knowledgeable trainers would also know the distinction. However, I agree that less knowledgeable trainers and managers may not appreciate the difficulty of completing the CSCS and would prefer a cert called PT.

Rating Not a problem by: George Science courses in college use a lot of guided discovery to foster curiosity and analysis. While there is a lot of scientific information you will need to know to pass the CSCS exam, it is information that is simply stated in the textbook. Concepts that seem a bit murky you can look up online for clarification.

I have been procrastinating, though I know I am good at preparing for tests. In your opinion , whats the cheapest way to take the test? I would avoid their offered training packages. Not surprisingly, the difference of taking the test as a non-member is exactly the same price as a membership. Might as well get the membership and the benefits that go along with it for the same price. The paper exam is held on specific dates at specific locations. The computer exam can be taken at a lot of different locations around the country and can be taken whenever it fits your schedule most of the time.

I have been studying for the past two months. Read the entire text, cover-to-cover — word-for-word.

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I also have a degree in exercise science and I studied very similarly to you. I left the last practice text to take a few days before I take the actual test. That spoils one of my strategies — memorizing questions and answers!

coarelearnsofra.tk Oh well, better really know the WHY. Thanks for this post. I wish I could afford your tutorial thingy but it was a stretch for me just to get the Materials. Was wondering how well we need to the now the testing tables for different athletes at the end of part two? Am I going to be expected to know Vo2 max numbers and bench press means for this test?

Hoping its more info to refer to rather than to memorize. Ok, now you can enjoy this post. Anyone else take the CSCS exam? Did you do anything differently? I thought so. I was miserable. Then I took control. You can too, and it starts right here. Share this:. Chris Smith on May 27, at pm. Adam SEE on May 27, at pm. Cameron on May 27, at pm. Must be a load off to get the pass. Dave on May 27, at pm. Thanks, fellas!